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Co-operative Business

I attended a meeting today at WHCA about co-operative business models and time sharing. It was really enlightening! Thanks to the folks at WHCA for putting that event on. While it was small (7 or so people) it gave a lot of time for interaction between the WHCA folks, myself as a business owner, and CDI, the Cooperative Development Institute. There were many things talked about, and one that most piqued my interest was time sharing and time banks. I got to speak with the Executive Director of… Continue

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Easy Decisions

This morning I ventured down to the bakery to start crafting my biscuits, and while I was rolling out the dough and cutting the rounds, I started thinking about the whole sustainability aspect of how I run my business and how other businesses are run.

What I'm trying to follow is called the Natural Step Framework. Within this framework of thought are 4 simple questions to ask yourself about every decision that is made for the business. Whether it's buying paperclips or buying that… Continue

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Waldo County Craft Co-op

I'm headed over to the Waldo County Craft Co-op to drop off some biscuits. They were absolutely thrilled to have found Barkwheats and approached me to have my biscuits on sale over there. It's a great sounding place that's been around since the mid-60's. Needless to say, I'm very excited to be a part of their success.

Business is My head is constantly filled with new ideas; creative ways to fix current issues or recipe concoctions for our upcoming seasonal biscuit… Continue

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local chefs roll out the red carpet at Taste of the Nation

Chef Steve Corry of Five Fifty-Five will be serving chilled cucumber soup with creme fraiche, salmon tartare, and a fragrant fresh dill oil at this year's Taste of the Nation. Steve will be partnering with chefs from Hugo's, Back Bay Grill, Cinque Terre, Bresca, Fore Street, Eve's, The Edge and several others. These Maine chefs are our fine dining gurus and all of them source Maine foods from local farmers and fisherman.

Portland's "Taste of the Nation" is Maine's contribution to… Continue

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Coping with soaring food prices

I am a Portland-Press Herald reporter looking for families that are making radical changes in their food habits in response to soaring grocery bills - such as raising their own meat and veggies, buying in bulk, dining out less - to be part of a story on coping with escalating food prices. If anyone is interested, please e-mail Beth at

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Well, not so much for me. While I'm all about doing the small home improvement project, I had to call in the big guns for this one. Renee's dad helped me run 6/3 Romex from our breaker panel down to the bakery so that I can install the "new" oven. I ended up buying enough wire to have just 8 inches left over at the end!! PHEW! So now the bakery is all wired up for 220v and I can start buying parts for the oven and get this show on the road! This is exciting...very exciting...

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Busy Busy Busy

Wow, this week has been absolutely crazy busy in the bakery! Now that I've got 2 markets and other wholesale accounts, I seem to be spending more and more time baking biscuits. I absolutely love it! I got a new dough sheeter to replace the cookie depositor that I had been using. It makes the biscuit making much easier than it was, and they look a million times better now...just like they used to.

I've also been looking into some equipment that could make my life a little easier and… Continue

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Successful Markets

What a whirlwind the past few days have been. With this being our first ever season of participating in Farmers Market's, we didn't know quite what to expect, but thanks to the advice of Caitlin at Appleton Creamery who was at both the Belfast and Orono markets, we managed to do quite well. The Orono market,… Continue

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Swamp Stompin

The fiddle head’s are up!

Chef and I forage a few on Monday’s dreary afternoon up at Casa Dame in Northport. Not much was to be had after such a dry April. I knew yesterday as the rain poured down that my short window to forage for this northern delicacy was near.

When I woke this morning, the sun was shining and I knew the brook that runs through The Inn at Ocean’s Edge would be flowing strong. I pulled on my bean boots, grabbed the shears, a plastic bag ready for the… Continue

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Patriotic Peas? Only Victory Gardeners Will Win in 2008!

Russell's blog on peas was right on - 2008 is the perfect summer to stay put and grow home. The garden is, after a few seed packets and organic soil amendments, free fun for the whole family (whether they like it or not), and as we've watched food prices rise all year, the payoff this fall might be better than a week's vacation in some over crowded sand dune.

I was hit upon early this year by my partner's extended family - "Marada, you're going to plant the garden this summer,… Continue

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Preparing for Markets

This week is going to be spent getting prepped for the Belfast Farmer's Market and the Orono Farmer's Market. I'm really excited to have been accepted into both of them and am excited to find out how many people will attend. I really don't have much of an idea on what to expect attendance wise, so I'm looking forward to both of them. I'm also getting my blodgett oven in tip top shape and am just saving up my pennies to get a few parts before I get to be in full production with that piece. For… Continue

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The Boxes Arrived!

With much anticipation the freight delivery driver showed up at my house on Friday to bring me a ton of boxes (actually, a half ton to be more precise...that's a lot of boxes!). He was a SUPER nice guy who has a couple nice sounding lab mixes of his own.

I've added photos in my photo section, so be sure to check them out! I also just brought some biscuits with the new boxes over to the Belfast Coop and the Blue Hill Coop will be getting the new boxes this week, and Rising Tide will… Continue

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Plant Peas--It's Patriotic!

If you want peas for the Fourth of July, it’s almost time to plant! Many Maine gardeners use Patriot’s Day as the traditional planting date. Peas are one of the first vegetables that can be planted in spring because they grow well in cool soils.

The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) encourages you to take a step toward food independence this month by planting a row of peas—or two! The three basic types you can grow are shell peas, snow peas, or sugar snaps.… Continue

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Expecting Boxes

We're on the schedule at the printers to get our boxes by the end of this month, which means within 1 week! Needless to say we're very excited to get this new packaging, and our retailers are excited, too. Also next week begins our farmer's market presence in Orono and Belfast. I'll be posting up some pictures once I get the boxes.

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HOPE Festival

I spent today gearing up for the HOPE Festival. It's the first festival/fair type thing that I've taken part in with Barkwheats, so I'm really excited. We're part of the "Green Expo" which I've been told is a bunch of businesses that practice sustainability and social awareness as part of their business model. So if you're going to be in Orono on Saturday, make sure to stop by!

I put our display stuff together in the basement to see how it will all fit together and make sure… Continue

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Proofs for Packaging

My final proofs were mailed out today and I should get them Monday. What a long weekend it's going to be! I did get the digital proofs and they're awesome. Just as I designed them. Things are really starting to get a head of steam and roll along pretty quickly.

Last night Renee's folks came over and helped me move the Blodgett oven down to the bakery. That was quite the ordeal as it's a 500+ pound hunk of metal that we somehow maneuvered down a flight of stairs. We attached it to a… Continue

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Recycling an oven

I acquired a 1988 vintage Blodgett Mark V convection oven for free as it's missing a couple things, mainly the heating element and some rack supports. I had read about some non toxic ways to remove rust, and one of those ways was using a mixture of molasses and water. So...I'm going to give it a go with the blower wheel from the oven.

Here's a couple of pics to start out.…


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Update on packaging

I'm geared up to get my final sample of the packaging for Barkwheats today, and then hopefully next week we can begin pressing the boxes so I can get some delivered. What a drawn out process it's been, really. But it's all working out for the best. We get full color (all vegetable ink) and recycled board and all is great with the world. Also, I was on WERU yesterday for anyone that was listening.

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Common Ground

I got the letter today that I was accepted into the Common Ground Country Fair! This is extremely exciting for me and my business as the CGCF is exactly the event that I want to be a part of. No where else in Maine (that I know of) is there such a mass of like minded people out for common causes and to be able to be a part of that is just awesome. So, even though no one writes comments on my blog here, I'll say "Congrats Chris!" to myself. :)

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Will Winter End?

I just woke up this morning and went down to turn the grow lights on my tomato, basil, and pepper seedlings and looked outside as I put the dogs out...yuck. Though dreary, there's tons of fog and not light snow. It's 40 degrees instead of 10. Things are certainly looking up and today is supposed to hit near 60! Awesome! This signs that markets are fast approaching, fairs and shows are going to be full swing soon, and green grass will abound in my yard (unless the dogs get too unruly and trample… Continue

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