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Does anyone know where I can get raw organic milk in the Augusta area?



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Check out MOO Milk Co
Years ago they used to have raw milk at the little convenience store on Route 24 in the middle of "downtown" West Gardiner. I haven't been there for ages, so don't know if they still have it or not. And don't recall whether it was organic. But you might check it out of you don't get another suggestion that works.
Perhaps my response was not very 'user friendly.' MOO Milk is based in Augusta and is Oakhurst's raw milk L3C branch. They have a handy search engine for finding nearby places to purchase MOO Milk here.
Thanks for the link to MOOMilk, Jeff. MOOMilk is not a branch of Oakhurst. They distribute MOOMilk for us in Maine and in a few stores in New Hampshire. MOOMilk will soon be available in the Boston area! There, we are hiring Organic Renaissance to distribute for us. One of our farms, Tide Mill Organic Farm, sells some of their organic milk raw. You can find a list of stores who carry their raw milk at

You can look up stores that carry MOOMilk at Just enter your zip code or town to find the stores nearest you.
And MOOMilk is not raw milk. It's pasteurized milk, with a 14-day shelf life. Most of the other organic milks you can find in the store are ultra-pasteurized. They are basically cooked and have a much longer shelf life, but they don't taste nearly as good as MOOMilk.
Hmmm, thanks for the tips guys. I was actually looking for raw milk, which is something I would have to get directly from a farm. I will keep looking.
Katy, The are a number of Maine farms that bottle raw milk and sell it either at the farm or through natural foods stores. The Belfast Coop carries three or four different brands of raw milk. The Natural Living Center in Bangor also has one or two brands of raw milk. I'm sure that natural food stores in other locations in Maine carry raw milk. You likely won't find it at the chain grocery stores, but will find it at many local coops and natural food stores. Where in Maine do you live?
Hey Dave,

I live in the Augusta area. I think I have seen it at the locations you suggested. I was hoping to get it from a farm as it is that much fresher and cheaper.
Here's a list of most of the farms in Maine that offer raw milk, either at the farm or through retail markets. I can't vouch for its accuracy, but the group that published it is dedicated to the sale of raw milk around the country.
Thanks for this info. We are fortuneate to live in a state that allows us to buy and sell raw milk...some other states do not allow it. I hate it when the govt gets involved and do not allow the people to make choices for themselves.
Oddly enough, the list that David linked to says that some Maine farms previously on the list have asked to be removed.

"NOTE: Five Maine listings were removed on October 1st at the farmers' request because USDA officials are using this site to find farms that offer raw milk and are then harassing them and using scare tactics to get them to stop selling raw milk. Consumers should be outraged at this infringement of their rights. In Maine, raw milk sales are legal both on the farm and in retail stores!"
Funny you should mention that--a friend just e-mailed me about the proposed "Food Tyranny Act" that would hand over new powers to the FDA to regulate and criminalize raw milk, food farming and seed saving.

That does not surprise me about the USDA, they are like the FDA and Big Pharma--all disguised to help us, yet it is about control and the dollar. I think it is sad we put that above people's freedom and health. Most people in mainstream America do not realize this. The more people that know the real motives, the more power we the people have. I think it is very important to educate yourself and NOT to rely on the media and be as independent from the govt as possible. Empower yourself by learning from more independent sources.


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